About just.pearll

This brand was started during the most difficult year I’ve had as an entrepreneur.

I have a dream to transform the mental health world artfully by co-founding a charity to help provide affordable mental health services to the people in Toronto through art therapy: Full Circle - Art Therapy Centre. The journey to make that happen was crazy. I have to consistently tell myself on a daily basis that I am good enough and that I’ve got what it takes to make this transformation. There are so many days when I felt like I was screaming at the top of my lungs and no one’s listening.

So I’ve created artworks to remind myself that I got this!

And now I’m here to spread this message in hope to let you all know that you got this! You got what it takes to create the life you love and live it! The journey to make that happen can be hard and it will seriously take something to make it happen, but you got this!